Thursday, 24 July 2014

Travel Diary: Vilamoura

Hello there!
I'm super happy and excited to share with you my first trip to Algarve, the south of Portugal with my 2 best friends for the Birthday of one of them! It was my first time in Vilamoura and in algarve in total and i was super thrilled to spend 2 days just me and my friends, at the pool, beach, amazing hotel and parties at night! 
People call me a 'reporter' because anywhere i go, i have my camera on my neck and this time i took my new GoPro as well and was super excited taking photos first with Iphone for Insta, then with normal camera and the for different perspective with GoPro! Girls had to wait 5 min each time we'd get our food or go somewhere but it was worth it. Plus the last time we've been all three of us together was 2 years ago and looking at those photos we took we laughed so hard, commenting our poses, outfits, faces and places and so many pictures from this trip will make us laugh even harder when we see each other in 2 or 3 years from now! 
The party had started right the moment we sat in the car on the 22nd when going there, with loud music, just girls in the car, happy and pumped for the adventurous time in Vilamoura! When we finally got there, the difference in temperature with Cascais was very VERY noticeable, sitting in the car with AC on we didn't realize it was some 10 degrees difference with the place we left from! First Refreshing meal with Cesar Salad was just what we needed!  

So tired from the road, we spent the first day/afternoon by the pool, taking videos with GoPro underwater, enjoying the sun and talking, talking and talking! The best quality time we could have after not seeing each other for so long and getting more and more excited about the night with every hour that would pass and we didn't even notice how fast it happened, but in one blink of an eye it was 7 and we had to hurry up to get ready for THE NIGHT!  That feeling when taking a shower, choosing outfit and planning the night, the things we will do, listening to music is so pumping but only girls will understand me! That feeling inside with hope and excitement! 
Birthday dinner at Casavostra with Caipiroskas for the good start of the night which got me pretty tipsy :D followed by walk by "Marina" of Vilamoura with endless number of people, lights, music from bars, restaurants and little shops all surrounding the beautiful yachts lighted up with street lights! Next stop: Bar with Watermelon Cocktail! 

 And then THE night started with amazing FucnYou2 in Bliss! Well no comments then.. i guess because i don't remember them if you know what i mean;) 

DAY 2:

Waking up was never so difficult, loud and painful than the morning of 23rd. Calm pool time was all we needed!But later we had dinner at a very cool restaurant on the little beach! We, well i don't know about girls, but i definitely felt super anti-social that morning so i was super glad the beach was small but super nice with nobody we knew:) 

MUST-SHARE photos from amazing place we found in our hotel on the first day! Wearing OYSHO Bikini! The light of that place, the color of my tanned skin and light lilac flowers on the bikini all combined made me fall in love with the pictures we took!

 Taking photos with girls was the greatest fun specially when a really big lady was laying behind looking dead which we couldn't stop making fun off! 

 On the second day, no matter if we were on hangover or not, i made girls take some pictures which came out pretty good as well and i don't look so dead as i was feeling ahah 

The beach we spent the afternoon at, had so many rocks and cliffs which holes in them creating little pools which we climbed into, (super scared with my 2 cameras, i was freaking out!!) but it was worth it! We took millions in our secret places :) 

The bikini top is from Bershka! And the bottoms are from Zara! :) 

I hope you liked my 'Diary', the photos and the bikini! Ant ideas, comments and critiques are welcome! Let me know what you think :) 
Next outfit photos coming really soon as M❤ and I, we are going to Sintra Hills for another tourist experience and nice picnic in the woods :) 

-xoxo Masha

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Dinner Out

Hey guys! 
Yesterday, it was my parent's friend's birthday so we went to our favorite restaurant in the hotel Farol in Cascais! I just love that place, we go there so many times and it seems like I've tried everything and already have my favorites but they keep on surprising us when we order combined sushi which are always different! how much imagination can they have to be using pretty much the same products but always in different ways and shapes and toppings (which is when they put some sugary orange or strawberry on top like they did last night!) My favorites are 'Cafe japan' and 'Dragon Roll' if you ever go there, try them! They taste like.. HEAVEN!! This time we decided to go outside in the little private house to celebrate the Birthday of our friend! I swear to god i never ate so much sushi followed by Lobster and more fish and for the dessert my Favorite Chocolate cake which i always have a place for in my stomach and Friend Sweet Apple with honey i guess.. and ice cream! That little 'box' / private place was below the main restaurant and closer to the rocks! The view was breathtaking but sadly the was no colorful sunset but the beauty and power of the ocean pleased our eyes the entire evening! At first when the 'sun' (which we couldn't see behind the 'hat' of clouds) was still above the horizon it was nice and fresh, as soon as the sun went down, we went to the table and it started getting darker so we turned on the beautiful lamps! I just adored them, i even asked the waiter if he knows where they bought them because it's just a 'must-have' for my veranda/balcony which i'm planning to re-making into a 'chilling place plus gym!' No sun meant no 'nice and fresh' and we had to ask for some blankets. Kids where having fun and running around waiting for food when i noticed they looked like little refugees when they finally sat down to relax! I even took a picture, all though i looked completely the same i decided not to share with you my cold look because if I'm cold it means i transform into a little Rudolph Deer with my nose as red as his! 
For this dinner out I decided to go comfy but nice-looking because I knew it was getting cold at night (all thought i didn't expect it to be THAT cold!) so i wore some Zara basic jeans with a very nice shirt from Stradivarius with pleated back, a necklace from Lefties from ages ago (i was so happy when i found it so i decided to wear it) and my favorite boots from Zara! I though it was really pretty and adequate for celebrating our friend's birthday plus nobody really dressed up so we were casually-pretty :) 
I hope you like the pictures, the amazing view, some juicy pictures of some of the sushi which i could take while it was still light outside and my outfit! :) 
You know, any ideas, comments and critiques are more than welcome in the comment, i will be more than happy to answer and get your feedback! 

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-xoxo Masha

And the outfit :) 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Lisbon Explorers

 Hey Hey Hey! 
Today I'm super tired and exhausted but thrilled to tell you about yesterday's adventure in the capital of Portugal - Lisbon! Me and .. My gentleman ;) decided to tick one of the boxes in our To do List for this summer - Visit lisbon! I was the one responsible for planning that trip but oh well i didn't which in the first 30 minutes made us annoyed since we didn't know what to do, but then we both got into the idea of just 'walking around' and exploring places so we just wondered around Chiado.. And then we decided to head our way to Santos where I bought two pares of Paez:) which right after i payed were on my feet because the sandals i was wearing were definitely not for the Lisbon roads!
Since we moved here i haven't been in Lisbon many times, usually it was because going with a huge family like mine was super time consuming and annoying because every moment someone would moan they want to eat, drink, or crying to buy something, and also because the roads are very crowded and it's easy to lose someone specially hyperactive brothers of mine who don't stop running around! 
But even though i've been there a very few times i always loved the spirit of it, the little roads where you can stay and open your arms and touch the walls of the buildings where people actually live! The thing which I'd usually love was the nature of the roads.. Lisbon is build on so many hills there are great ups and downs, which feel like a little roller coaster when you're by car, but since we were walking it was a nightmare and with this hot weather and burning sun it was impossible, good we bought some Frapuccino which helped a lot;) 
Very recently I got my new obsession - the GoPro Hero3! We took it with us, since it's very light, unlike my other camera- Canon550d with super heavy lens.. this one, could fit into M's pockets:) Feeling like tourists we would stop and take pictures everywhere! Literally everywhere! I'm a photo-memories addict! which means i need to have everything pictured and printed and saved in an album so later on, when we'll be older we could see and remember the adventures! I don't really believe people when they say constantly taking pictures takes the ability of 'Living the moment', you cans still enjoy every second and stopping to take a picture wouldn't ruin anything, specially when you have all the time you want!
I knew it would be a long day so when choosing the outfit i had to think, it had to be comfortable, fresh and light! I wore bright red  shorts from Abercrombie, which i just love, super comfy, love the color and with pockets :) (I sincerely hate those pants or shorts with 'fake' pockets, you have them, but you don't!), a white and super nice bershka top! it had to be white, i didn't want to attract more sunlight than there already was and my golden sandals! 

And the pictures of my outfit :) Hope you like it! Any comment and critiques, you know, feel free to comment! Very soon I'll be posting more 'Stories' section posts, I'm saving up your ideas and mine for the times when i'll be at school with no-time (all the plenty of outfits because I'm going into IB which means No Uniform!!! Super excited!! - this also means a lot of shopping coming up heheh) or at winter on heavy-rainy days when i'll be sitting all cuttie-pie with a mug of hot chocolate and in cashmere sweater by the fire and writing you anything you want :) 

-xoxo Masha! Hope you're heaving a great summer! 

Friday, 11 July 2014

Feeling Fresh and Flowy

Hey Guys! 
Few days ago, it was a day at the beach with my family and lunch at beach bar! 
It also was one of those days when there's no sun, just grey skies and extremely hot and feels like your walking in one huge sauna with hot air and no breeze even in Dunes of Guincho when there's always wind, today there wasn't any!!! But thanks this Sabo Skirt Orchard Maxi it was nice, fresh and flowy!
If you remember, in one of my first posts i did my Summer Wishlist and this dress was one of the clothes i said 'i must buy this summer' and hey! Welcome to my closed! I was so happy when i got an opportunity (which is basically the money) to buy it! The Longest 2 weeks past (13 days actually) and i finally got that white bag with this beauty in it! And now I'm happy to show you the pictures! Comment if you like it, any advices and criticism be open and tell me!!! 
Also, comment some ideas for my Stories part, I'm feeling like adding something in :) 

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