Sunday, 19 October 2014

Liebster Award!

Hello there! 
For the first time i was nominated to do something I've never done before and never have seen before! A Liebster Award. First, obviously the name interested me, I didn't quite get where this Lobster like name is coming from so i did some research, and thats how I'm gonna start right now: 

So as i found out, the word Liebster is German, sorry for the reference to lobsters.. i did not learn German.. Basically it means cute, sweet, nice and darling!! Pretty sweet award hihi I'm really glad to be receiving it! 
It all started in America.. obviously, where else would you be expecting it to start! LA.. New York places for bloggers, fashion, Cali Style ah i wish i lived there.. The point of this award, is for the less known bloggers (Yes! Thats me:) have a chance to be promoted by other bloggers and share followers and like this help each other grow!!
For this great pleasure and 'honor' of the award I'd like to thank Dear Madalena Crespo from Oh so Happy Blog :) Thank you Darling <3 glad you like my blog!

So to the Award and the rules and my 'tasks' i need to complete!:

1. Badge - Done 

2. Answer the questions that the blogger that nominated gave you:

Who's the face of the blog? Present yourself!

Hey there, My name is Masha, I'm originally from Moscow, Russia but 3 years ago i moved to Portugal! I was always fascinated by fashion, unlike many girls my favorite movie at the age of 10 wasn't Hannah Montana but The movie 'The devil wears Prada' which i know by heart already! 

What were the reasons that made you create your blog?

I had an idea when i first moved here, and i started it, but it wasn't going well and i gave up, many reasons like my age weren't adequate for bloggers and my aims and hopes were pretty high, but this summer I decided to start it again, plus it would be easier since i have no uniform in school anymore! I wanted to share my style, my ideas, share some stories and experiences, advices! LAter on, ill be posting food recipes and more of photography section! I found some blogs really helpful for me so i thought maybe I could help and inspire some other girls:)

For how long do you have your blog?

Since June the 9th! :) my blog is yet a 4 month baby:)

Where do you find inspiration when you want to post anything?

Oh, I think a lot, Im sure I'm the only person that thinks so much about random things throughout a day! My logic links so many things around and my brain seems to be working 24/7 because usually, when  remember my dreams, theres something interesting about them that i keep on thinking about when I'm awake! thats how i got the idea of my Unicorn Post:) So basically, anything that comes in my mind goes directly to notes on my phone and then I share:) 

Whats the type of posts are published on the blog?

Most of them are Fashion: Looks and Inspirations, but i really feel like expanding the range of themes and topics, so everyone finds something interesting on my blog! 

Which Fashion Events would you like to visit?

Obviously the fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris! The Met Ball or Met Gala, i think its just beautiful with all the costumes and the place! #ToVisitBeforeIDie !!
IFBconference! these conferences can help so much, you learn a lot and I wish i could visit one! Amazing bloggers and fashion industry people give advices and ideas, Isn't that awesome? ah! and STYLIGHT  Fashion Bloggers Awards! Its just magic! I wish my blog to be growing so one day i can win one of the Awards :) 

Which blogger would you like to personally meet if you had an opportunity to do so?

There are too many! But once they all get in one place, such as the STYLIGHT awards, I wish i could talk to: Fanny! love her style! Chiara Ferragni for blog management advices:)  Anouska Proetta Brandon, , Lizzy,  Andy from Style Scrapbook,.. There are too many to list! But definitely these Bloggers!

What are your favorite brands?

Zara! I am a ZARA lover and I cant deal with it! all tho there are others such as Forever 21, affordable and my style clothes and Nasty Gal for days when you feel like wearing something unusual but yet casual!

Which trends you like, and which would you follow?

The hat trend! Definitely! all tho sincerely, with my weird head shape almost non look good, but Ive been trying really hard to find one! I still have some time till winter finishes to find it:) and midi skirts, unfortunately Im not too tall, all tho I'm happy with my height (170cm) I feel like Midi dresses and midi skirts make me shorter! So i guess not following that one:/ 

How do you define your style?

Oh, a bit of everything! I can be nice Adriana Grande Girl with Pastels and Flower crowns, I can be a CowGirl with fringe and boots! But i guess my main thing would be Casual Chic! I love bottoms but I've been noticing the lack of tops.. Mainly different bottoms seem to make the look completely different even if the simple white top is the same! I love dresses, any style but short (maybe some maxi but simple style)! 

What country would you like to visit?

Asian Countries, China and Japan! they are completely different!! 

Done! 11 questions - 11 answers:)  

3. 11 facts about me:

1. I wanna become a Fashion Journalist and Work in Vogue (London, Paris, New York)
2. Pink is NOT my favorite color but it seems to be the main color in my wardrobe
3. I like: Burgundy, Turquoise, Black and Pastels Colours!
4. My dream dog is Pomeranian Spitz or teacup pomeranian or Pomski
5. I wish i had a good voice and less of  'hand language' to make Youtube Videos.
6. I can't have a simple white room, it has to be colored, in a style with loads of things but still loads of space
7. But i get tired of the same room to quickly so i like changing it a lot!
8. I used to play violin and i finished 7 years of musical school with a diploma 
9. Right now I'm in 2 schools, Normal international one and Extra- Russian one after normal school.
10. I never use make up and if going out then only mascara!
11. I feel more comfortable in heels of 12-14 cm than in flats! :/ 


4. Questions for you to answer:

1. At what age did you start blogging?
2. How did you start blogging?/what inspired you to do so?
3. What do you think about MY blog?
4. How many languages do you speak?
5. Where would you like to go (travel)?
6. What's the weirdest thing about you?
7. Whats your dream university and work?
8. What's your favorite brand of clothing/shoes/accessories?
9. What hair style would you like to have but you can't have or scared to do?
10. What do you like doing in hot weather/ cold weather/ rainy weather?
11. What do you think of the blogger/blog that nominated you?

12. Do you think you are a feminist, if yes, what are you willing to do about it? 
(school question, please answer:) )


 5. Here you have the rules to follow:

1. Answer ALL of the questions!
2. Write 11 Facts about YOU!
3. Refer to me as the blogger who nominated YOU:)
4. Nominate 5-20 bloggers - without including the blogger that nominated YOU! 
(must be below 300 followers)
5. Write 11 questions for the people you nominate!
6. Please inform the bloggers you've nominated!
and send them link of your post to be informed!
7. Put the Badge of the Liebster Award!

6. And finally I nominate (Tada Tadaam Tadaam!)

Thank you for nomination once again, hope you enjoyed the answers:) 
Have a great weekend,

-xoxo Masha

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Flannel Friday

Hey There! 
IB is killing me.. or maybe you can read that as Im-killing-myself-by-leaving-everything-to-the-last-moment.. and I'm also not the person to stay at night and I wanna say a great Thank you to my M for making me go sleep at 10 maximum 11, wether I've done my homework or not I need to go to bed to keep it healthy, but then.. i don't have enough time to finish stuff.. but oh well, after this sharing closure moment with you my lovelies, ill dive into sea of essay and written tasks i need to do…
for now.. 
Little ThrowBack to last Friday, when weather was still good and i chose to wear a flannel from Forever 21 which my best friend from Canada brought me in case it would get fresh! a top Love which i find super cool and artistic and its actually one of the first T-shirts i own cos its not really my thing i dunno why.. its usually tank tops, sporty tops, 3/4 sleeves and long sleeves but never tees.. Also from Forever 21, Black trousers (attention) they are so comfy, stretchy but tight i just love them, (From Zara), my booties. For accessories, we haaave, Gucci Sunglasses. Sincerely, i think with my weird shape of face there's NO sunglasses shape that looks good on me, but these i found very nice on me:) Yey! Finally haha and MJ Watch! 
Enjoy the photos, and good bye! See you whenever i'll stop leaving things to the last moment and I'll be done with my tasks! Hope will be soon:)

-xoxo Masha 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Up the Stairs

Hey Hey Hey! 
Good to be back so quickly, good to be able to write and have time.. or maybe not having time still trying to do anything but my homeworks and essays due to tomorrow or so, but hey! I do what i love and i love what i do and that's the greatest motivation! I recently found how much the motivation means and hat power it has! No idea how, but i became so persistent and so direct about the things i want and i need and i'll do anything to make things done and i find it very important and advice you to do the same! Im surprised with how much free time i collected from little bits Id leave around when wondering around house, laying here laying there and then going back to work and then again laying down but now i have it all figured out! Free time had been re-directed to gym! I went there 3 days in a row can u imagine? maybe, but you definitely can NOT imagine my state every single morning! I need to have some more patience to do the stretching exercises, but who's got time for that these days? If your struggling with motivation to do homeworks think about future! I guess i got so excited and pumped to become a fashion journalism, I found english research, english homeworks and english as the subject very interesting and this vision of me dressed up in Prada and Thin High Heels, "Clacking" on the White Marble floor in london or in paris, makes think that i will only get it, if i do this work and so i do it! I guess Im just lucky that i get to do what i like to do, and i specially realize that on the lessons when learning about feminism, but thats another story.. 
As promised, time to share with you something that happened right today, like few hours ago! 
To start, lets go back in time, lets say more or less a week. Masha was so bored she decided to do something with her life, so she did a list of things she used to do and doesn't do them anymore.. In between the lines with sports and hobbies, activities and places there was one she was always interested in.. Modeling! In my earlier posts i've shared with you my childhood, my little achievements in modeling and commercial areas, and so week ago, it was on my lists of things I'd like to go back to.. I had some links written from my previous 'nostalgic' moment and so i finally measured my 'dimensions' and sent to many different places! So i guess you know where im getting to.. YES! Today it was the meeting day at different places, different people but for the same reason and with the same aim! Get my face onto pages of your magazines and on tabloids on the bus stops ahah maybe yes maybe not, but i just wanna have my best friends, the cameras, the lightings, the make up and hair artists back in my life!! 
Since the meeting were after school i dressed simple but pretty, it was the most bipolar weather, when i would be putting on my crop jumper, get cold, put my hoodie on, get hot, take off the hoodie, get hot again, take off the crop jumper, be fine for 20 min, get cold again and  put my crop jumper on again and like this the entire day! Green Acid Wash bottoms, ah how much i love those jeggings, tight and comfy, the colour matches my eyes hihih and white top with nice back, again, closed but open so if too cold, I'm fine if too hot, I'm ventilating:) And crop jumper from Topshop, guess why cropped? same principle for the top! I was thinking a lot while putting up the outfit!

Hope you liked my outfit and my #AchievementOfTheDay ! 
Leave comment below and follow the blog! Lets make it big :) 

-xoxo Masha

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Sweater Weather

Mmm looking at the weather forecast, i see temperature drooping, sun hiding behind the clouds and and few drops coming up, and i know what it means! Warm, sunny-smiley weather is going away and rainy days are coming! Am i sad? well a bit.. I love being outside, i love going to places and not taking any jackets with me, i like when my feet are in sandals, i like that freshness in the shades and that soft feeling of sun when you step out (obviously, till the certain point, until it starts burning and you turn a red lobster, or a tomato, depends on how you call it :) ) Autumn has its own sides and aspects that i like, all tho i think it makes me more thinkable, more calm and less talkative and way more concentrated about school! I specially love those days, when it rains a little, then sun comes up and that freshness, and maybe some little rain but it doesn't bother me! Few drops on my skin, sun and warm temperature makes me a little child, with rainy boots on, jumping into puddles! Yes i do that.. 
All thought the closer it gets to winter the more annoying it becomes, since i don't have a wide range of sweaters it will be a little repetitive, but great variation in jeans will help hihi. Autumn makes us cozier, we choose to stay home and invite friends over, watch movies and popcorn, stay by the fire, play games or something movie like which actually happens! You can  make it happen yourself and thats #1 in my to do list for this autumn (oh yeah, i do to do lists for everything! for every day, month, year, turn, holidays! helps me stay organized and don't forget anything)! This autumn, I'm buying sh*t many board games, movies (cos all my collection of movies are in russian:/) and all the weekends, we have less things to do, we'll chill together and enjoy the coziness of this amazing season! Unfortunately moving from Moscow to Portugal, would mean leaving behind huge amounts of colors, the street colors! Every neighborhood would be filled up with green, huge and wide trees in summer which would the turn gold, red and orange in autumn, falling into fresh-collected piles of dry leaves or stopping on them with my little booties, are the greatest memories of my childhood! Moving also meant leaving behind snow adventures, snow fights and snowmen! Here, theres now now but rain, hardcore rain… which i got used to actually! 
Regarding outfits, mmm my favorite color scheme, brown, burgundy, black, mustard as the traditional ones, but this season Im spending my funds on Cobalt and Royal blues, Greys and Aluminum colors, and to add some brightness Orchids and maybe fuchsia!  Also, colder weather means high boots, and comfy comfy timberlands!! How much i missed them! With the 'cal├žada roads' in my school, they are so comfortable to run around! (and since i always lose my bag or forget stuff i do that a lot)
So talking talking talking, here you have my wish list (or wish-grid) of sweaters and coats that are on my list!!!

1.   2.   3.   4.   5.   6.   7.   8.   9.   10.   11.   12.   13.   14.

Hope you liked it! Any comments, link with nice sweaters, ideas and advices or so, Comment them below

-xoxo Masha